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Tyse Tutoring and Test Prep truly began in 1994, when Blair Tyse founded Minds In Motion SAT Prep in Cupertino, CA. Since then she has offered test prep for over 2,000 high school Juniors and Seniors, servicing a range of students from those teens bound for Ivy League schools to those struggling with learning differences.  

When some of her teens needed extra work in their math and science classes, Blair decided to add academic support to her list of services in 1995. With a BS degree in Physics and a minor in Aerospace Engineering, she is fluent in math levels up through BC calculus and in high school chemistry and physics, and loves sharing her love of math and science with her students.

In 1996, Blair noticed a small percentage of her high school students just couldn't finish the reading portion of the standardized tests they were prepping for. No amount of practice nor fancy strategy was able to help them to improve their test scores and performance. She scoured her resources for professionals who could help support those students for which her techniques proved ineffectual, and began learning about visual processing issues or dyslexia.  

She referred her clients to clinical psychologists who could perform academic testing and evaluations, and to vision therapists and literacy specialists who could help her students improve their reading skills. She learned about research-based literacy intervention that actually helped students improve their reading and achieve at-grade-level reading fluency. 

In 1999, her own children began school at Christa McAuliffe School, where a literacy intervention called the Barton method had been beta tested and used for students as young as 1st graders. As soon as possible she began her Barton Training, impassioned by the fact that if you could help a child with reading issues when they were in 1st grade, rather than wait to intervene in high school, you were avoiding a decade of failure for them.

Now, more than ten years later, Blair offers a wide-range of services from academic support in math, science and English, literacy intervention with the Barton Method, to test prep for the SAT and ACT tests.


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Blair Tyse

Blair graduated with aerospace engineering and physics degrees in 1989 and has worked as a communications satellite engineer and has taught math.  Her expertise, after 28 years of tutoring, is in SAT/ACT Test Prep, pre-algebra through calculus, and literacy intervention through Barton tutoring.  She loves working with kids and teens and enjoys doing math problems or editing essays for fun.



University of Arizona
B.S., Physics, Minor, Aerospace Engineering 1989

Activities & Affiliations

  • Ford Aerospace

  • United States Air Force Academy Swim Team

  • Society of Women Engineers

  • Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Alumni




Erik Tyse

Erik graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree in 1983 and has designed battery energy systems for weather and communications satellites as well as the Space Station.  He has worked as an SAT/ACT test prep tutor as well as IB/AP Chemistry, AB/BC Calculus and AP Physics over the past 20 years.  He volunteers as a high school Sunday school teacher, a Winter Park ski patroller, and as a horse therapy aide. Erik enjoys working with teens and college students as well as mountain biking and skiing and carpentry.



University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.S. Chemical Engineering, 1983


  • Varian Medical Systems

  • Ford Aerospace

  • Bear Creek Renovations