Parents and Students, Please Read


My fees vary depending upon the subject matter. Payment is due at the time of the appointment or in advance. Late payments may be subject to a 10% late fee. We accept cash, card, check, and venmo.


We require a card on file to schedule an appointment. You may cancel or reschedule your appointment through our booking site 24 hours before the start of your appointment.  You will be charged the hourly fee for late cancellations and missed sessions.  The only exception we make is for sudden illness.  If your child misses because he or she forgot the appointment, we suggest you have the student pay part of the charge.  Please make sure the student knows this beforehand.  If I'm late (rare, but it does happen), please wait ten minutes. If you are late I'll wait twenty minutes before recording a no-show.

Parent/tutor time

Lessons are an hour. (SAT/ACT Prep is 1.5 hours)  Parents may come in to meet with me the last 10 minutes of each lesson.  Phone consultations are also recommended. You might wish to call every other week or so the first couple of months to see how things are going, and as needed after that.


Since I regularly lend books to students, I'd appreciate it if you'd have your child keep materials together and bring everything in to each lesson, whether it's finished or not.  I buy all my own materials, and lost books can really add up, so please help your child keep track.  I will recommend specific study materials for SAT and MCAT students that they will need to purchase.

School Visits

I would be glad to visit your child's school.  I charge my hourly fee for the time actually at the school, and the same fee for writing reports. 


Students, when you come for your appointment, please wait in the waiting area.  As there are other professionals in the office building, please use discretion and avoid loud conversations or phone calls while in the waiting area.  Parents may enjoy nearby Table Mesa Shopping Center during their student’s tutoring session as well.

Parents, when you come in to talk to me while your student is in with me, please knock on my office door so I know you're here.  If you are early you can use the waiting room. If I am with another student, the office door will be closed, so please wait for me to open the door. 


On the South side of the building. Bikes may be locked up on the south side as well.